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Construction works of Shmidt/Sairme residential complex is ongoing since 15 August, 2015 on the land area of 1696 sq.m. located in Tbilisi, between Burdzgla (formerly Schmidt) and Sairme streets. Building consists of two eight-story multifunctional residential blocks and two-story underground parking area. This residential complex will have its own isolated green yard with children’s entertainment and well-equipped zones.

It should be highlighted that within the frames of construction the insulating systems are used which enable maintaining of more than 20% – 30% heat in winter and 20% – 30% of cool in summer.

Wood-textured metalloplastic doors and windows give even more coziness to the apartments. Buildings are equipped with the elevators in compliance with the European standards. The entrances will be covered with the highest quality stone material and the facades of the buildings will be faced with Munich grinding.

The apartments are handed over in the so-called White Frame condition (screed floor, plastered walls, installation of power supply). Arrangement of walls and planning of rooms will be carried out taking into consideration the will of the customer as well as the installation of central heating system pipes in the floor may be ensured.

The complex will be equipped with the highest quality ramps, which will be highly comfortable for people with disabilities.

Our goal is to provide you with the high quality and create a cozy environment for your happy life.